In a Nutshell: Why I will NOT vote for these candidates

Since many of you have been asking me who am I going to be voting for in this upcoming presidential elections, my answer has been and still remains that I am one of the millions of undecided voters.  However, with that said, I can confirm that I will neither be boycotting the elections, nor will I be voting for a number of candidates who do not meet my minimum requirements.   Enclosed below a list of candidates I will not be voting for.

A quick note regarding boycotting
There are two types of persons who are boycotting the elections; type A – an individual who cannot find a candidate whom he or she truly supports, and hence the person chooses not to cast a vote.  The second type, type B – a person who boycotts because he or she does not approve of the conditions under which the elections are taking place, namely in our case, the SCAF invasion we live under.

While I can understand the logic behind the rational of type A, and even though I disagree with it, it is more acceptable to me than the irrationality of type B.  The type Bs of this fading republic choose to not vote to “record their positions” for historical purposes, avoiding any sense of realism and negating the realities which the vast portion of the Egyptian population face. Type Bs remind me of pandas in captivity, creatures who are too depressed about their conditions to procreate, to the point that they are going extinct.  Perhaps, there isn’t any scientific evidence that proves that pandas know that they are going extinct, maybe then they would reconsider their baby-making-boycott.  However, we have ample evidence to prove that if we do not stand our grounds in  future elections we will be ran over.

The main problem lies within the Islamic Political Movements (IPMs) of Egypt.  While IPMs now represent an elected majority, it still behaviorally acts (socio-politically) as a minority.  Meaning, what the leadership says, the followers do, to survive and fight outside influence of infidels (liberals, seculars, bastard revolutionary socialists, etc).  This eliminates the self-inflicted-calibration that makes democracies function properly.  Additionally boycotting, if conducted by any non-IPMs only magnifies the unity effect of IPMs.  Basically, without going into much details, if you are boycotting and you belong to any of the Godless-heathens, you might as well go vote for an IPM candidate and save us the pain of the slow-death of a two-round presidential election.

Candidates I will most definitely NOT vote for

For your convienince, a list of all the candidates, along with their electoral symbols, pictures, designated entry numbers, and political party affiliation is enclosed below the list of candidates I will NOT vote for:

Candidate no. 1, Al Hariri – You don’t want it bad enough, I do not even think you are campaigning anymore.

Candidates no. 2, 3, 7: Eissa, Khair Allah & Hossam – Unknown . . . !من أنتم؟ 

Candidate no. 5, Abu Al Fotouh – You are a flip-floper and in-the-closet IPM candidate, who panders to whoever needs be to get votes.  All that aside, you want to shut down Stella.  Out of my cold dead hands! No vote.

Candidate no. 6, Al Bastaweesy – **Little Secret, your base, Al Tagamu Party’s leadership is stiffing you and supporting another candidate**, you are a good man, but if you can’t keep your house in order, you would never get my vote.

Candidate no. 8, El Awah – “Islamic Thinker”, who’s only notable accomplishments are his attempts to discredit Salafi conservatism, no vote

Candidate no. 9, Shafiq – Scores of people died & and many more are permanently injured while he was PM, plus I don’t think that his greatest accomplishment, the Cairo International Airport,  is all that

Candidate no. 10, Sabbahi – Until this morning I was considering you, but, when I woke up this morning I realized how the “revolutionary-peer-pressure” was the only thing making me consider you. You are a Nasserite (cute), a man who praised Al-Qaeda (, Sadam and Gaddafi . . . and you look like Jay Leno. We just can’t get along

Candidate no. 11, Al Ashaal – A man who had withdrawn to Al Shater of  the MB (, then later on supported Morsi, also of the MB.  Not worthy of a vote

Candidate number 13, Morsi – Definitely won’t vote for a member the MB. Never liked fraternities, not in college, and definitely not now

اسم المتقدم الحزب السياسى الصورة الرمز
1 أبو العز حسن على الحريري
وشهرته أبو العز الحريرى
حزب التحالف الشعبي الاشتراكي الهرم
2 محمد عبد الفتاح محمد فوزى على عيسى
وشهرته محمد فوزى عيسى
حزب الجيل الديمقراطي كاميرا الفيديو
3 أحمد حسام كمال حامد خير الله
وشهرته حسام خير الله
حزب السلام الديمقراطي السيارة
4 عمرو محمود أبو زيد موسى
وشهرته عمرو موسى
مستقل الشمس
5 عبد المنعم أبو الفتوح عبد الهادى أبو سعد
وشهرته أبو الفتوح
مستقل الحصان
6 هشام محمد عثمان البسطويسي
وشهرته هشام البسطويسى
حزب التجمع الوطني التقدمي الوحدوي ساعة يد
7 محمود حسام الدين محمود جلال
وشهرته محمود حسام
مستقل النجمة
8 محمد سليم العوا
وشهرته محمد سليم العوا
مستقل المظلة
9 أحمد محمد شفيق زكي
وشهرته أحمد شفيق
مستقل السلم
10 حمدين عبد العاطي عبد المقصود صباحي
وشهرته حمدين صباحي
مستقل النسر
11 عبد الله حسن علي الأشعل
وشهرته عبد الله الأشعل
حزب الأصالة البلطة
12 خالد علي عمر علي المحلاوي
وشهرته خالد على
مستقل الشجرة
13 محمد محمد مرسي عيسى العياط
وشهرته محمد مرسي
حزب الحرية والعدالة الميزان

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