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Question: Are Jihadi Groups On The Rise In Cairo?!

Yesterday morning the Egyptian news online portal of Al Masry Al Youm (AMAY), and other outlets such as the Washington Post,  reported through various links the killing of a terror suspect in a suburb of Cairo.

The Egypt Independent ran a translation of the piece by AMAY, worth having a look at. In another piece by CBS, an Egyptian official gives some details on what happened:

According to an Egyptian official, Hazem (Terror suspect) was cornered in an apartment and tried to throw a bomb at security

The explosion happened in the area highlighted in red. Al-Hay Al Asher (The 10th District), is a residential suburb east of Cairo.

forces, but the explosive device bounced back. CBS News reports that the man blew himself up during the clash.

Here is my question: Why are terrorist cells feeling comfortable to hide in Cairo with explosives and weapons? Additionally, if there is one cell, which is of high strategic importance to the US, that was uncovered in Cairo, how many other cells that are not so high on the strategic list that are just hanging out in the capital of Egypt?

In other news, AMAY also reported that there are increasing threats from terrorism cells in the Sinai peninsula, threats that involve carrying out attacks utilizing ‘car bombs.’  Regardless, all vigilant observers know that the situation in Sinai is contained to Sinai. However, is Cairo starting to enjoy increased comfort on the part of radicals, who are starting to view it as a safe zone?

I can’t help but think, why are there terror cells within the city limits of Cairo? How did Egypt get to that point where terrorists are in the capital with grenades and weapons?

A more analytical question I am proposing is, if this terror suspect, who was in some way related to the Benghazi American Consulate attack, and the slaying of the American Ambassador and other American Diplomats, was hiding in Cairo with explosives and other weapons, how many other terror cells are in the Greater Cairo areas?

Clearly there has been a shift in how the US is conducting business regarding its global effort to subdue radicals, and part of the shift has been more reliance on special ops, and drones (Barrack “the drone” Obama), and the continuation of cooperation with governments of allied nations.  This was clearly one of those cases of coordinated efforts, and this brings me to my second question.  Were Egyptian authorities pushed by the US administration to make a move on this guy, due to the urgency of the situation, while the Egyptian security forces are taking it easy and not chasing other terror cells in the capital?

It would be a major concern for the world, and more importantly for Egyptians if Egyptian authorities are becoming more easy going with terror-inclined groups and activities.  Unfortunately, I have no evidence to back my concerns, but I do not have evidence to quench them either.